Anti food waste commitment

Yabon is committed to the fight against food waste.

Our long shelf life desserts, save storage energy (refrigerators) and avoid waste caused by products with short shelf life.
As a food manufacturer with our workshop located in the heart of Normandy in Verneuil sur Avre, we have been collaborating for many years with charitable associations, thus making it possible to promote our products to the most disadvantaged and avoiding the waste of consumables.
So it’s naturally that a partnership with Too Good To Go was confirmed, due to our common values and our desire to be a responsible food actor for the future.

State of food waste
Did you know ?

What are the causes of food waste? Within households, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of consumption dates are responsible for 20% of food waste. Wasting food can be avoided by understanding the two types of dates and the behavior to adopt to avoid throwing.

Understand consumption dates

In France, half of the population doesn’t know the difference between the two consumption dates: DDM and DLC.

When you have a product in front of you, look the label on the packaging to understand what date it is (it is not always next to the date).

If it is written « to be consumed preferably before / at the end », it is a DDM, the product remains consumable after the date like all our Yabon products!

How can I verify that my product is still consumable once the DDM has been exceeded?

When a DDM product has expired, no longer have the reflex to throw away, use your common sense:
  • - Store your product, following the instructions on the packaging to preserve all its qualities
  • - Use your senses:
There are imperishable products, which can be stored indefinitely, provided that they are well preserved:

honey, rice, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, pasta…

The pact on the consumption dates

In January 2020, Too Good To Go initiated a Consumption Dates Pact which now brings together more than fifty actors in the food sector, including Yabon since 2021.

The goal? Reduce food waste caused by dates, gathering strength around this coalition. We are signatories to this pact and we are committed to reducing food waste.