Yabon: Introduction and history

Yabon is more than 70 years of little treats and great deliciousness. It is a unique rooted expertise in French tradition and the taste of genuineness. Always in search of new delights, we innovate so that you can enjoy your favorite desserts wherever you want. Deliciousness can now be enjoyed on the go, and desserts are moving out from the table. The taste of your childhood can now be in your pocket! Yabon, there's no reason!

Gâteau de riz au caramel

Yabon in 8 key dates

  1. Publicité Yabon 1950

    The company is born Mme. Laffly acquires the patent for canned rice milk cake.
    The first production of a long shelf life rice milk cake in a family can.

  2. 1963

    The Y'A BON brand is created! Relocation of the artisanal production from Mennecy (91) to Verneuil sur Avre (27 - Normandie).

  3. Crème dessert - Gâteau de riz 1980

    Innovative packaging Appearance of the famous grooved can, the star of many tv commercials.

  4. 1988

    Launch of the individual format First production of cakes in an individual format.

  5. 2005

    The pouch: on the go and convenient First cream dairy dessert in a pouch, now a must for children's snacks!

  6. 2017

    The come back ! Throwback to the delicious historical recipes ! Discover the redesigned packaging with the Yabon colors !

  7. 2018

    A brand new pack ! Yabon creates the first soft, convenient and resealable pouche for a ready-to-eat desserts.

  8. Crème dessert - Gâteau de riz 2020

    70 years! To celebrate its 70th birthday, Yabon is launching its organic desserts.

Our commitments


From the selection of raw materials, to the monitoring of finished products, along with the reliability of our packaging, we apply the very highest quality standards.


Absolutely delicious, our recipes can be enjoyed at any time of day, and are appreciated by young and old alike!


We develop recipes inspired by those of our grandmothers: inimitable treats with genuine flavors!

Gâteau de semoule nappé de chocolat


To take with you or to enjoy at the table, to eat alone or to share, for today or tomorrow... Yabon, adapting to your everyday life!


Our historical Yabon desserts are filled in unlimited recyclable metal pots. The long shelf-life, allows to reduce the waste relative to the overcoming of the shelf-life. Our products are stored at room temperature and allow to save the refrigerators energy.
Follow our anti-waste commitment with Too Good To Go !

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